Students may come to alternative education (AE) for a number of different reasons. AE is an intervention which supports students who have been alienated from mainstream education. It re-engages students in a meaningful learning programme targeted to their individual needs and supports them to transition back to mainstream school, further education, training or employment.

AE is not constrained by bell times and schedules and students have a low student to tutor ratio, while having full access to resources available to mainstream. They are ably supported by the school, Te Kura (The Correspondence School) and pedagogical leadership is provided by Northland Health Schools.

Students must follow a process to re- integrate themselves back into mainstream schooling and have a dedicated tutor who helps them with their work. Following improved progress in the AE class, students are transitioned back into subjects of strength, and if required, given further support via RTLB and teacher aide time to further support them. This is done via referrals from our SENCO co-ordinator.