Student Support Services

ERO report of 2019, noted that the school has an:
“…..improved pastoral care structure and support. In addition, the Mana Potential initiative helps students to understand and positively respond to their own emotions and those of others. The improved recording of student pastoral and engagement information, and the increase in student engagement are noteworthy”

The pastoral team is made up of Senior Management, Deans, Whanau House Leaders, Whanau Teachers and ably supported by the guidance counselor, SENCO, nurse, outside providers such as Ngati Kahu Iwi services, Rubicon, Te Roopu Kimiora, Northland Health Schools and the many other agencies that frequent our school.

All staff have undergone training around the Mana Potential Model and continue to embed these practices in all aspects of school life. Students, staff and whanau are working toward a common language around positively responding to life’s challenges.
We also have a student support centre which is open to students most hours of the day where they can check in if they need further support during the day. Our aim is to have every student understand that there is someone in the school who cares, and is available, to chat to, if things are not going so well.

The student support centre is also the area where the Deans, Attendance Officer, Careers Dept and (in the future) Counselor, are located.