Sports and Recreation

Taipa Area School is arguably one of the top Area Schools in NZ when it comes to sporting prowess. We have a strong tradition of Regional and National Area Schools honours and have had success across a wide range of codes. Students are frequently selected to represent the region and the country.

More important than medals, however, is the value we place on sport to help develop character and a lifelong interest in health and recreation among our students. All students are encouraged to participate in some form of activity whether it be in a team sport, as an individual or recreational activities such as diving, fishing or hunting. We offer a wide range of sports and recreation which can be participated in from social to premier level. The importance of carrying on in some form of recreational activity after school is the main objective at Taipa Area School.

Activities which have become popular at our school through the recent advent of the short courses has been predator control, fishing, aqua marine studies and kayaking. These options will continue to grow as students, whanau and teachers create more relevant, meaningful learning opportunities in our own backyard.

The participation of teachers and parents ensure that all teams and activities are well organised, supervised and enjoyable.